What we offer

While we offer a wide variety of services, our focus includes
advertising, partner content creation and event management.


Reach your target audience via our social media platforms. Also enjoy FREE on-air advertising to go with it.


Let’s work together! Find out how you can partner with us on your next idea.


Want to host an event but not sure how? Leave it to us!


Use our strong social media presence to make your brand known. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn, we’re happy to help!

Our Sponsors


Having hosted a variety of events from parties to bootcamps, your event is in safe hands. Find out about events we’ve hosted before.

What we do

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Content creation

Our team is invested in creating informative videos with notable guests on a regular basis.


We strive to be a progressive outlet, covering both local and global issues.

FOX 914

FOX914’s aim is bringing music back to radio. Pioneers of talk-free weekend radio, broadcasting to Colombo, Kandy and around the world.


Fox entertainment (pvt) ltd

11A Ocean View Towers, Colombo 04, Sri lanka.


+94 777 711 404



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